Anicka Yi, Bacteria Print Donation

Bacteria Photograph (AY-15-PH-010)Anicka Yi has generously donated a bacteria print in support of our Common Space Modular website application fundraising campaign. Both the artist and her gallery, 47 canal have agreed to a special pricing of $1,500.00 for this framed print that is currently selling for $3,000.00.  We are so thankful for this contribution!

For context, you can read about Anicka’s show at the Kitchen on Artforum. She currently has a solo show up on view at Kunsthalle Basel and recently exhibited at MIT where she was able to develop the process to create this work.

I have had the fortune of working with Anicka Yi on numerous collaborative artworks over the years: Video / installation for Shigenobu Twilight and a collective that we formed with Josh Kline called Circular File %CF.

If you are interested in contributing to Modular and would like this print, please visit our campaign page, select the perk listed at the bottom for Anicka Yi and follow purchase instructions.

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