Burning Dome

By Jon Santos
January 5, 2013

In this work, Spatial design is reduced to a symbol. The form of the geodesic dome personifies architecture and acts as it’s effigy.

Upon the occasion of the first Last Weekend event in 2012, I asked Huy Bui and his team to construct a geodesic dome with the intension of burning it down. The dome represents the utopian visions of Buckminster Fuller and the optimism of 1960’s counterculture. The process of burning it in this context is a cleansing ritual. I think of the geodesic dome as an aspirational utopian form, stripped of it’s function.

Coincidentally, In the spring of 2012, a dome was implemented to be used as a performance venue at MomaPS1 in Long Island City. A month after we burned our dome at Camp Lakota fall 2012, Hurricane Sandy hit the eastern seaboard and as part of a relief effort, MomaPS1 implemented another performance dome at Rockaway.

The cultural zeitgeist and symbolism of the geodesic dome is no longer burdened with nostalgia.