Marley Natural Launch

Last night Marley Natural launched in the Hills of Hollywood and even though I don’t smoke, I signed up for a card and had to come and celebrate! Deidre Dyer edited the Marley Natural magazine which I designed and David Merten is on as creative director for a line of products and brand design that makes Marley (and Cannibis) feel a bit more contemporary.

Bob Marley, Bottled! A New Skin-Care Line Celebrates the Jamaican Superstar’s Legacy

Marley Natural’s Elegant Pot Gear Is for Smokers Who Say ‘Whoa Sir,’ Not ‘Whoa Dude’

Maggie Morris, David Merten Creative Director, Jen Leong and Ginny Hwang.
That is I on the right with Deidre Dyer Editor-In-Chief .