Rave Labor

Sound Styling + DJ Sets by $hayne Oliver (Hood By Air, Ghe20 G0th1k), Matthew Patterson Curry (Safety Scissors), Alexis Georgopoulos (ARP), Set Styling byAndrea Huelse Design. Architecture + UX by Labour NY, Leong Leong, LOBO, Volido, Common Space, Exposure NY & *HB* collaborative. Relaxation and healing by Lisa Levine. Created in collaboration with Josh Kline.

Work-Life balance is on everyone’s mind these days. Rave Labor was a pop-up work party that I hosted in 2013 via Skype from San Juan, Dominican Republic. The party took place in the PS1 performance dome which multitasked as a design studio. I invited seven design firms to work on site and setup a DJ lounge where friends and professional acquaintances could enjoy themselves and network. It was also a performance event open to the public. This was one of many creative collaborations with Josh Kline.

The labor and lifestyle of creative workers—graphic designers, architects, DJs, sound designers, prop stylists, and artists—will were presented as performance, an HD, 10,000-lumen graphic-design planetarium.

Rave Labor (infomercial) by Jon Santos and Josh Kline, presented by PS1 Sunday Sessions at KW, Berlin.

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