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Jon Santos, asked over 50 artists earlier this year to bring something back from the dead. The result – Resurrection – a self published book compiling images and texts created by artists who were invited by Santos to create work for this publication.

Resurrection was inspired by a visit to the Manila South Cemetery in the Phillipines, where his grandmother is buried and where families live in makeshift houses in-between mausoleum’s and stacked casket grave sights. It was here that Santos encountered a 9-year-old boy who was born and raised amongst graves and wilted flowers, a community made up of families squatting beside mausoleums. The fine line between life and death became eerily apparent, and the analogy of life cycles within popular culture triggered a concept. Resurrection is an amorphous and omnipresent theme, existing in various mediums of music, art and fashion.


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Contributing Artists: AK Burns, Andrew Kuo, Andrew Paynter, Anton Esteban, Antonia kojuharova, Asha Schechter, Aurellio Valle, Babak Radboy, Bob Linder, Carol Taveras, Cendrine Colin, Christopher Ruess, Christian Jankowski, Dain Blodorn, Dana Kline, Daniel Jackson, David Merten, Dennis West, DJ Language, Doug Lee, Emi Takahara, Emily Counts, Eri Shoji, Eugenie Huang, Fatima Al Qadiri, Francine Spiegel, Glynnis Mcdaris, Gordon Hull, Hisham Bharoocha, Isabelle Lumpkin, Jackson Von Pfosti, Jane Virga, Jen Yazon, Jennifer Juniper Stratford, Jeremy Campbell, Jill Bradshaw, Joe Malagrio, Jon-Paul Villegas, Josh Kline, Juan Mendez, Kamau Patton, Kazumi Asamura, Ken Miller, Kim West, Kon Trubkovich, KT Auleta, Mariah Robertson, Masayo Kishi, Nathaniel Hamon / Slang International, Peter Simensky, Peter Sutherland, S.E. Nash, Shu Hung, Sue Costabile, Susannah Sayler, The Blowup, Tim Koh, Timothy Hull, Trevor Shimizu, Wes Lang, Wowch, Wyeth Hansen


“I was overwhelmed by the close proximity of life to death and how somewhere in between those two states of being there is a void which in this case was very literal,”

Resurrection is an amorphous and omnipresent theme existing in various mediums such as music, fine art and design. The work in this book ranges from drawings, paintings, collage to photography, video, architecture and costume.