Social Mirroring

Social Mirroring. Sitting in a circle.

A workshop that examines communicative dynamics within social group settings.

Social Mirroring (Rehearsal) Friday May 03, 2013 Hosted by the New Museum
Location: the Old School: Prince and Mott Street, New York City. 12-2pm

We can improve our sense of self and relieve social anxiety by interacting with groups of people. This work was performed by a group of volunteers, Organized by Common Space, Choreographed by Jon Santos in collaboration with Lisa Levine and Juri Onuki with a sound composition by Abby Echiverri.

Social Mirroring (Performance) Saturday May 04, 2013
Hosted by the Storefront for Art and Architecture
Location: Spacebuster. Sarah D Roosevelt Park, New York City. 12-2pm