The Last Weekend: 2013 Overview Video

2013 programming was balanced in such a way where we could experiment with the creative cycle / implemetation. We had the chance to test out some ideas on how to focus workshop efforts earlier in the day into something that could be implemented later on in the evening. A simple example was the Masquerade / Ball party which essentially some workshops earlier in the day were meant to be put to use later.

Ex: Heidi Lee : Origami Hat Making > Babylon Ball
Ex: Confetti System : Pinata Party > Babylon Ball
Ex: R-WW-R : Costume Making > Babylon Ball
Ex: House of Ninja : Vogue Dancing > Babylon Ball

2013 Overview. Video: Common Space with Yuan Liu.



2013 House of Ninja Voguing Performance. Photo: Jimmy Pham.



2013 Hat Making with Heidi Lee. Photo: Yuan Liu.



2013 Tie Dying with Shabd. Photo: Yuan Liu.