Project M Lab Detroit

I was invited to tag along as an advisor in Detroit back in 2009 for Project M Lab. This was also a time for me to learn more about improvisational and interpretive happenings and how that relates to design and site specific work. I love improvising a DJ mix, this was not as fun. A group of students and educators who don’t know each other show up to solve a problem that was yet to be defined. Of course I did what designers normally do and took a look at found type, which proved to be extremely useless. We ended focusing on the the problem of urban planning and decay in the city of Detroit. You can’t do much to address this issue in a few days and I wasn’t about to get seduced into creating a ruin-porn photo essay that raises awareness. What can you do about sprawl and abandoned blocks of decrepit housing? You can focus on HORSESHOES and COMMUNITY BUILDING. A post-techno-dance-less community rave blow out, for me. Once again, I wasn’t there for the big party!

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John Bielenberg







What is this project about?

Project M is a program for creative people who are already inspired to contribute to the greater good, and are looking for a platform to collaborate and generate ideas and projects bigger than themselves.

How is it Cross Platform?

The project exists in multiple formats and responds to various sites as those working on the project identify a problem and improvise ways to address the issue.



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